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Thanks and Thanks

Thanks to the quiz_sshg for including Antidotes in this weekend's quiz.
Cool banner: http://pics.livejournal.com/writermerrin/pic/0000srtf/

Thanks to juniperus, severely_lupine, droxy, morethansirius, and nutmeg_44 for the Valentines. How sweet!

And thanks to clairvoyant and droxy for the Dragons. I'm all smiles.

I haven't been blogging lately because there is just nothing to write about. I keep on thinking I'm going to work on one of my WiPs or something, but I barely have time to do all the beta/admin stuff on my plate. Miss you all!

Must be my WoW Pheromones

I know some of you are tired of all of my Warcraft related posts, but when cool stuff happens, it's awesome to have someone to tell, even if you don't care ;)

So, within the last 48 hours I have had:
*One toon called 'beautiful' + flirtatious banter (I love my RP server.)
*One toon complimented, saying she looked 'marvelous' + flirtatious banter
*One toon given a piece of ilevel 101 gear! This max-level warrior saw me hanging around Honor Hold in my incomplete Fel Iron set (just missing the chest piece), and he offered to craft me one so I'd have the complete set. The breastplate is now in my bag, so once I get her to the next level, she'll have a complete set, including the optional one-or-two-handed weapons. Woot!

Also, unrelated to my pheromones, a female guildie made me an awesome cape to go with my 'marvelous' 138 gear; all I needed to provide was the pearl, which I totally had, thank-you fishing.

In non-WoW news, I am almost caught up on beta-reading, which means I can get back to the queue tomorrow.


Why, yes, I still belong to GS100.

And I actually wrote something for this week's challenge.

To Pass the Time


Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Karelia!!!
Hope your day is full of friends and fun. It's already going to be in one of the coolest places in the world, so it has that going for it ;)

PS: I am not resolving to remember more birthdays this year. It's not that I love you less than Karelia, just that I love her more *smirk*

Reference Shots

I took some reference screenshots of the characters that I'm using in my story. I thought they might be somewhat interesting, LOL.

This is my Elven Hunter, her hair falling out of the ponytail, with two overwhelmingly handsome men.

And this is her with her Orc, preparing themselves for a hunt.

I'm really glad I did these shots because I really had no idea exactly how much bigger than her he is.

Did you miss me?

LOL! I know I'm not here enough for anyone to have noticed, but my paid account expired last week, and I hate dealing with LJ on a basic account with the ads and almost no icons, so I opted to ignore everything LJ related until I could get my account back. So I'm sure I've missed big things in everyone's lives in the last week.

The expansion to WoW came out a week ago, and we've been playing it a lot. Still working through the new goblin zone. But one really good thing to come out of the WoW is that the Orc in my NaNo story has decided that Elf Girl is not telling the story fast enough and has taken it into his big green hands. It turns out he has a little more back story than I'd realized, and he's kind of nervous about telling it to his new mate-to-be, but he will soon. Six pages in two days is certainly not NaNo-worthy, but this story can not be rushed. I'm savoring every scene between these two; I keep on going back in and adding little details and rewording things. Maybe I'm one of those people who needs to keep in touch with my inner-editor.



Thanks, explosiveshot for my first virtual gift of the year. I just remembered that I was a very bad friend last year and did not thank anyone for the snowflake cookies. Very belated thanks to you; I have enjoyed having them on my profile all year.

NaNoWriMo Day LOL

So, I clearly have not been writing this month. I've added less than 1k to my total since my last update. But, I've been busy. I've done volunteer work, beta reading, applied for a job... Overall, November was a conspiracy against NaNo. Either RL was being a huge pain or it was being so good I didn't want to stop to write.

My Elf girl has been whispering in my ear that I left her hanging on her first date with this amazing Orc, and that's not fair because she's been looking forward to exploring with him. She's very persistent, so I imagine I'll tell her story soon, maybe January.

In the mean time, congratulations to all of you who stuck with it. Even if you didn't hit 50k, just writing every day is great. I need to get myself organized. Christmas is looming.


NaNoWriMo Days 8-9

NaNo day 8: 6135
NaNo day 9: 7572

I spent some time in the library this afternoon, and I got a lot of writing done in the quietness with no internet to distract me. I also had a couple of breakthroughs, adding some fun interactions with some minor characters. The couple has finally met and are about to spend the afternoon together :)

If I were to craft the perfect writing challenge, I think it would be 1000 words per day, five days a week, with an ultimate goal of writing a novel over three months.


NaNoWriMo Day 6


I'm too sleepy to make it to the 6,000 mark, but I am kind of satisfied with the pace, if I come out of this with 1000 words per day=30,000 words total, I'll be pretty happy.